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Face Lookout System (FLS)

female hook up The FLS implements face recognition technology for real-time surveillance. FLS detects persons of interest who are stationary, moving or in a crowd, and is scalable to any number of cameras in multiple locations.

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Face Recognition System (FRS)

http://mohsen.ir/?danilov=تداول-الخيارات-الثنائية-للمبتدئين-قوات-الدفاع-الشعبي The FRS provides large scale 1-1, 1-watchlist and 1-n matching and scales to provide fast and accurate matching for even the largest face image databases. FRS includes bulk enrollment, a full suite of adjudication tools, performance monitoring and flexible reporting tools.

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Face VisPro-Ware

http://ramshergill.com/womens/elizia-in-abu-sandeep-india-fantastique-book/ VisPro-ware enables image quality assessment and normalization functionality for applications in biometric enrollment or matching. Image quality is essential for biometric performance, and using VisPro-ware will ensure the necessary quality and consistency to enable such applications.

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Face Image Capture System (FIC)

http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=opzioni-binarie-su-oro&dc7=67 The FIC provides ruggedized, self-contained hardware for fast and high quality face image capture needed for biometric and secure ID applications. The Face4 Capture software simplifies the image capture process to a single capture request and generates standard output formats compliant with ISO/IEC 19794-5.

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